Acid Mines Wikia

**IMPORTANT** Due to the update of 1.3 Cards are temporarily unavailable. All previous cards have been removed. New cards will be implemented in the near future.

Acid Cards are a set of approximately 4000 trading cards consisting of 4 classes containing around 1000 cards each. They are only available in the Acid Mines server.

Cards are obtained by:

  • Earning experience in skills during gameplay.
  • Purchasing from the Card Shop in the Emerald City Mall
  • Redeeming card booster packs received from Treasure Hunt or as prizes during Special Events
  • Purchasing trading card booster packs available in the Donation Store on the Acid Mines Website
  • Trading unwanted cards at the Card Trade Centre in Emerald City

Every player is given a free booster pack when they start. Booster packs contain 10 cards, with at least 1 guaranteed to be a higher class card. To open the booster pack, type: /cards open in the chat display.


Each card has 5 classes; Normal, Holo, Super, Ultra and Uber. Normal cards have a green background, Holo have a gold background, Super have a blue background, Ultra have a red background and Uber have a purple background.

The order of rarity goes as follows:


Every normal card has a 1/8 chance to be a Super.

Every normal and super card has a 1/50 chance to be a Holo.

Every normal, super and holo card has a 1/100 chance to be an Ultra

Every normal, super, holo and ultra has a 1/500 chance to be an Uber.


Each card has a rarity value. Lower rarity values mean the card is more rare. The most common cards have a rarity value of 800. The rarest cards have a rarity value of 10.

Promotional cards have a rarity value of 0, as they cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. Most are obtained by taking part in Special Events that are held on the server.

Sorting and Storage[]

To assist players with maintaining their card collections Trading Card Storage Books are available from the Rewards Shop. These books automatically sort cards by number and class saving the player not only large amounts of chest space but also a lot of play time. Large numbers of cards can be moved and sorted with a single command using storage books and chests. Players that wish to collect the cards are well advised to get the Trading Card Storage Books.


Acid Mines has set up a Card Trading Centre in Emerald City. The Card Trading Centre can be found by typing /warp trade in the chat display.

It is a multi-storey building with each floor dedicated to trading the different classes of cards.

Unwanted cards must be of equal or lesser rarity value than that of the desired card to be able to make the trade.

To make a trade players must hold their unwanted card in their hand by selecting it in their inventory and then right click the desired card on the wall.

Buying and Selling[]

Emerald City Card Shop

Cards can be bought and sold at the Card Shop found in the Emerald City Mall.

To get there type: /warp mall in the chat display

Virtual Card Shop

Cards can be sold in exchange for card points by typing /card sell in the chat display. This will exchange the card the player is holding for card points. The selling price depends on the card's rarity. Current rates are:

Card Rarity Point Value
800 4
700 5
600 7
500 9
400 11
300 13
200 15
100 18
50 20
10 30
<10 Too Rare

Card Shop prices are subject to change. Currently they are:

1 new card = 20 points

1 booster pack = 250 points (10 cards, 1 guaranteed to be higher class)

The card shop prices are expensive. As such, players should always try to trade cards before selling them. Visit the Card Trading Centre to try and get a better deal.

Card Booster Packs[]

Card Booster Packs can be obtained from Treasure Hunt if you're lucky or as prizes during Special Events or purchased from the Donation Store on the Acid Mines Website. Card Packs available for purchase currently include:

Trading Cards Mega Booster [46]:[]

This booster pack contains 46 Acid Cards of which there are at least 25 Normal, 15 Super, 4 Holo and 2 Ultra cards. Additionally, it is possible for any Normal card to be Super, Holo or Ultra, any Super card to be Holo or Ultra and any Holo card to be Ultra. It is also possible for the cards to be doubles.

Trading Cards Booster Pack [10] - Series 2[]

This booster pack contains 10 Acid Cards of which there are at least 9 Super and 1 Ultra. Additionally, it is possible to get a Holo by luck, receive more than 1 Ultra by luck or for the cards to be doubles.

Trading Cards Booster Pack [10] - Series 1[]

This booster pack contains 10 Acid Cards with 1 guaranteed to be a holo. Additionally, it is possible to receive more than 1 holo by luck or for the cards to be doubles.

The Cards[]


Collection albums can be bought from /rewards shop. The full list of cards is as follows:

Grouped according to collection books
001 - 050 351 - 400 701 - 750
051 - 100 401 - 450 751 - 800
101 - 150 451 - 500 801 - 850
151 - 200 501 - 550 851 - 900
201 - 250 551 - 600 901 - 950
251 - 300 601 - 650 951 - 1000
301 - 350 651 - 700 1001 - 1050
1051 - 1100 1101 - 1150 1151 - 1200
1201 - 1250 1251 - 1300 1300 - 1351
1351 - 1400