Acid Mines Wikia

 Screenshot Competition[]

The screenshot Competition was a competition held on the Acid Mines Forum. Participates were to take screenshots of things in the Acid Mines.

RULES: * All screenshots must be taken on the Acid Mines server
* Screenshots cannot be edited at all. Not even resizing or cropping

PRIZES: Everyone who voted received 5 rewards points.

1st place will get the ⓒ competition prefix, $20,000, 20 rewards points and 1 random holographic trading card.

If there is a clear 2nd place, they will get $5000 and 5 rewards points.


The winner was decided through a public vote.

The winner was Totenmasken with this entry:

Pluky came second and other runners up were given with these pictures:

 PvP Tournament[]

The Acid Mines PvP Tournament was held at the server colosseum (/warp colosseum)

It consistent of an arena "Fight to the death" style fighting.


  • No consumables of any kind. (no food, no potions)
  • Only 2 enchantments allowed on each item
  • No special enchantments (Enchantment must be created using an anvil or enchantment table; no donation or holiday armour)


Participation: 20 rewards points. $10,000 in-game cash.

Third place (2 players): Additional 20 rewards points, $10,000.

Second place: 50 rewards points, $50,000, enchanted diamond armour and sword.

First place: Competition prefix ⓒ, 100 rewards points, $100,000, special enchanted diamond set, and a redeem key for Cities In Motion 2 on steam (valued at $19.99 USD). AND a redeem key for Scrolls, Mojang's card game.


Round 1 Melee only. Fire damage ignored.

Round 2 Bows only. Fire damage ignored.

Round 3 Melee only. No diamond gear allowed.

Round 4 (final) The final round will have no specific rules. It will be best out of 5.

12 People participated.


IMBAJA1 came first after a gripping battle with Mason who came second.

Tokes and Totenmasken both came third.

 Fishing Contest[]

The Fishing contest was played at a purpose built fishing centre (/warp fish)


It is possible to catch every type of fish in this area.

All fish caught in the contest area will be different to regular fish. They will have the catchers name on them. 
These fish Do Not count towards your progress of /fish
You do still get XP though, so it's a good excuse to level your fishing.

You must deposit all contest fish into the chests to get score.

You will receive bonus points for each complete set of 99 fish you catch. The Fishy Psp is not needed for a complete set.

You will receive bonus points for having more of a fish than anyone else. If you catch 15 marlon and everyone else only has 10, you will get bonus points for 5 of them.
If you think a certain fish isn't being caught much, you should catch it.

All participants were given a special contest rod with with Lure 5, Luck 5 and Unbreaking 1000.


3rd Prize: 10 reward points, $10,000.

2nd Prize: 20 reward points, $20,000.

1st Prize: 50 reward points, ⓒ competition prefix, Scrolls redeem code, create a fish.

The winner gets to create their own fish. Type of fish, name and location.


The winner was MasonXP with 446,835 points and Toten came 2nd with 446,693 points.