Acid Mines Wikia


Fishing is an essential skill on the Acid Mines server that can help you advance through the ranks. There are 99 different types of fish found throughout the world. The fish take the appearance of the four original Minecraft fish but have different names. Various Fish Species are endemic to specific biomes and/or water depths found within the world. For example, Icefish only occur in frozen biomes. Thus in order to catch every species of fish every biome must be visited and fished. Fortunately the good folk at Acid mines have eased this task by building an all biome fishing facility available by using the command: /warp fish. Nonetheless, you may still go on a world tour of fishing if you prefer the scenery of the great outdoors to that of the fishing facility.

You can track which fish you have caught using the command: /fish <page>. This will list all fish species and whether you have caught them or not.

Fish caught also have a small chance of being enchanted. Enchanted fish currently have no extra benefits other than being a collector's item. Enchanted fish are also tracked. If you have caught the enchanted version of the fish species, you will see a small blue star next to the name.

Your fishing skill will start at zero and increase as you catch fish. As a reward for your fishing skill reaching 100, any fishing rod you use from that point on will become unbreakable and cease to take damage from use. You will be able to enchant your favorite rod and keep it forever!

Fish caught can be cooked in a furnace and eaten except for fish that look like clownfish or pufferfish.

The pufferfish style fish can be brewed into a new potions not normally obtained in Minecraft. The new potions are:

  • Potion of Nausea
  • Potion of Leaping
  • Potion of Dullness
  • Potion of Blindness
  • Potion of Decay
  • Potion of Health Boost
  • Potion of Haste.

Eating certain cooked fish will have special effects as follows:

  • Genie Trout - you will receive a random item. This includes a very small chance of getting a Very Special Fishing Rod
  • Acidfish - you will receive all positive potion effects.