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Halloween 2015[]

From October 19th until November 3rd 2015 the Acid Mines community celebrated Halloween with a triad of Halloween events.

Hallow House Treasure Hunt

Frothington, our resident building genius, built an astonishing haunted house filled with 30 hidden chests for players to seek out. Each chest contained prizes and an event seed. Upon presenting 30 event seeds to Mr Hallow, the owner of the Hallow House, players were awarded the coveted event golden e prefix in their chat name.

Hallow House was not an easy task and tested player's observational and parkour skills. Players had to contend with many monsters, hidden passages and staircases and secret doors and rooms. Highlights included the Royal 9th Hoemen Division, Herobrine's grave, a monsters boardroom meeting and a secret society of Pigmen performing a dark ritual! Chests rewards comprised a Halloween armour set, 4 Halloween trading cards, Jack-o-lantern hat with special powers, reaper seeds, gold chat name, dead zombie heads, mini pumpkins, a double XP book, a treasure keys book, a card booster pack, $50,000 cash, a reward points book, a bonus slayer XP book, 3 wither skeleton skulls, 2 exclusive mob spawners, mob heads, a special drink - the Twisted Voldemort and Pumpkin Pies. Quite a haul if all chests were found!

Hallow House still stands although the secret chests are now gone. It can be visited by typing /warp hallow into the chat display.

Skin Contest

A Halloween skin contest was held during which players were required to create a scary skin and take a screenshot of themselves in a Halloween setting. This prompted several very imaginative and frightening entries to be posted on the Acid Mines website. The winner of this event is as yet unknown and will recieve a prize as yet unknown.

Trick or Treating

On Halloween itself, the 31st of October 2015, PSP held a trick or treat event at his house. The first 20 players who rang his doorbell and greeted him with "Trick or Treat?" where given a treasure compass which, after much intrepid exploring, led them to a hidden treasure chest. Prizes in this chest included:

 Easter 2015[]

Easter Rabbit Hunt.

From April 1st to April 8th, all mobs kept turning into rabbits. When rabbits were killed, they dropped Easter Eggs and Easter Carrots which could be sold for Easter points and spent in the Easter Shop. Items included Special Easter Trading Cards, Easter Armour, Easter Stick, Skill bonus and XP Books and a $50,000 Book.

Players who managed to collect the tens of thousands of points required to buy everything from the Easter shop were given a special "e" event prefix in their chat names.

Rabbits numbers on the server soared to astronomical levels! Most were benign bunnies of various colours that could be easily dispatched with a single hit. However some became the much dreaded and very lethal White Killer Rabbits. Most players were ruthlessly hunted down and slain by these fluffy white psychopathic assassins innumerable times during their quest for Easter eggs and Carrots. Fortunately a players demise only resulted in a respawn and not the loss of inventory items. Nonetheless players who were there still shiver at the memory of the carnage wrought upon them by the Easter Bunnies of 2015.

Even today, players who venture to the less populated and under explored parts of the Acid Mines World may still encounter White Killer Rabbits left over from this event. Beware of the white rabbit with evil blood red eyes!!

 Easter 2014[]

Easter Egg Hunt.

1000 Easter Eggs were hidden in item frames throughout the server. There were also 20 Easter Carrots hidden in difficult places.

Eggs and carrots could be traded for specific items such as armour or mini chests and much more.

 Xmas 2013[]

Fireworks and presents under the Xmas tree at 10k.

 Missed Events[]

Halloween 2014 and Xmas 2014 had no events due to the server being down while waiting to update to Minecraft 1.8