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Infusion - Anvils and Emeralds![]

Infusion is the 8th skill introduced on the Acid Mines server and is the first buyable skill that uses resources rather than gathers them. It allows players to use an anvil to combine emeralds with items such as weapons and tools for one of the following purposes:

  1. to make them them yield more experience (XP) or;
  2. to repair tools, weapons and armour.

Infusion skill can only be trained using an Anvil and requires the use of Emeralds. As such training infusion is very slow to improve and costs a lot of emeralds/money to do so.

Infusion skill armour and sap caps have also been added to Treasure Hunter.


Emeralds must always be placed in the anvil last i.e. after the item. This rule applies whether the player is infusing or repairing an item.

Infusing An item[]

To infuse an item players should put the item they wish to infuse in the 2nd slot of the anvil and then put the emeralds in the 1st slot as shown below.


The number of emeralds placed corresponds to the number of changes the item will infused with. An item can be infused with up to 1000 emeralds at once although, players can keep infusing to earn xp but the emeralds won't be stored in the item. The number shown on the resultant item is the total number of charges that the item will be infused with once the player clicks on it. To complete the infusion click on the item and remove it from the anvil.

Infused Items[]

Each use of an infused tool uses one charge and will grant the player bonus XP in the skill outlined in the table below:

Infused Tool Bonus Skill
Pickaxes Mining
Axes Woodcutting/Farming
Swords Combat/Slayer
Fishing Rods Fishing
Boots Agility

The amount of XP granted to a player by using an infused item depends on the player's infusion skill level and is outlined in the table below:

Player Infusion

Skill Level

Percentage XP Boost Per Use

For Infused Items

10 110
20 120
30 130
40 140
50 150
60 160
70 170
80 180
90 190
100 200

Therefore when a player reaches Infusion Skill Level 100 an infused item will grant double XP for each use/charge.

Repairing An Item[]

Players can also repair items using infusion skill. To repair an item players should put the item in the 1st slot of the anvil and then put the emeralds in the 2nd slot as shown below.


The number on the resultant item is the damage left on the item after the infusion is completed. The higher the repair number on the resultant item, the more damage/loss of durability there is on the item. As such, repair=0 is a completely repaired/full durability item.

Items that can be repaired inlcude:

  • Diamond, Iron and Gold Tools
  • Diamond, Iron and Gold Weapons
  • Diamond, Iron and Gold Armour
  • Bows
  • Fishing Rods
  • Shears
  • Flint and Steel.

The level of item repair achieved per emerald used increases according to the level of Infusion skill that the player has achieved. These Repair Amounts are outlined in the table below:

Infusion Skill


Durability Restored

Per Emerald Used

1 1
5 2
15 5
25 10
35 15
45 20
55 25
65 30
75 35
85 40
95 45
105 50


For ease when typing infusion commands the word infusion can be shortened to inf

Players can check the number of infusions/charges on an item they are holding by typng the command:  /skills infused in the chat display.

To check your infusion skill level type: /skills infusion in the chat display.

To check the top infusion skill scores for all players type: /skills top infusion in the chat display.