Acid Mines Wikia

Here is a list of commands to protect your chests, brewing stands, enchant tables, furnaces and more.

Not all options will be available for certain ranks.

  • /cl private - Create a private protection
  • /cl public - Make item public
  • /cl pass <password> - Create a password protection
  • /cl key - creat a key protection
  • /cl group <group> create a group protection
  • /cl del - delete all protections
  • /cl add <player> - adds a player to the allowed list
  • /cl rem <player> Remove a player from the allowed list
  • /cl info - checks info on item
  • /cl unlock<password> - remove password protection
  • /cl persist - Toggle persistant command mode
  • /cl auto - Auto lock toggle
  • /cl craft - Open a crafting table from anywhere
  • /cl enchant - Open an enchanting table from anywhere
  • /cl virtual (number) - Open a virtual inventory (Alias is /cl v)
  • /cl delvirtual (number) - Delete a vitrual chest (and all items)
  • /cl sort Sort items in a chest