In-Game Mail[edit | edit source]

Ever logged on only to find the player you needed to communicate with wasn't online? Sick of leaving messages on Signs? The Acid Mines Server has the answer to this dilemma - just send a mail message to another player and they'll receive it when they are next online. Convenient and easy!!

How Does In-Game Mail Work?[edit | edit source]

When players log in they are notified in the chat display if they have unread mail.

All players can read mail sent to them regardless of their rank. However a player must be rank 2 or higher to create and send mail to other players.

NOTE: Once a message is read, it is deleted. As such players should ensure that they write important information from mail down immediately.

Commands[edit | edit source]

Messages are sent and read using /mail commands. To view the commands in-game type /mail help in the chat display.

Check Your Mail:[edit | edit source]

Type /mail in the chat display. It will list your unread messages as a numbered list.

Read your messages:[edit | edit source]

Type /mail read <message number> in the chat display.

Create A Message:[edit | edit source]

Type /mail compose <the message> in the chat display.

Send A Message:[edit | edit source]

Type /mail send <playername1> <playername2> <playername3> in the chat display.

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