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Pig Village is large village with a medieval theme located northeast from the spawn. Originally founded by Wwob1, the village is now currently shared in ownership between Wwob1, Googledew and DobbyG. The area is named after the large pig statue, known as the ‘Pork Guardian’ located on the edge of the village. Many players have built a large number of structures including both houses and farms.

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Pig Village features:

-          An XP Farm, with Zombies and Skeletons for your XP needs

-          Dobby’s Bar ‘n’ Grill

-          A large horse race track

-          A market place with stalls created by DobbyG and Googledew

-          A large windmill

Pig Village is famous for the meeting place of the ‘Pork Brigade’, a society which consists of important ‘porky’ citizens of Pig Village. Their meeting place is in the main headquarters located next to the race track.