Acid Mines Wikia

Places of Note On the Acid Mines Server[]


The original city was built in 2011, this city was one of the first ever built on Acid Mines.

Players can get to new 10K city by typing /warp 10k in the chat display.


Agility courses[]

**To be implemented soon**



The casino is under construction.

Players can get to Skeleton zone by typing /warp Casino in the chat display.



There are a few farms currently available to players with new ones being implemented soon.

Players can get to Skeleton zone by typing /warp Skelefarm in the chat display.

Players can get to Enderman zone by typing /warp EnderXP in the chat display.

Sand can be farmed at /warp Sandquarry.

Coloured clay can be farmed at /warp MesaQuarry/



On top of the numerous agility courses, this server also features mazes and flying courses

/warp maze largest jungle maze on the server. prizes ares scattered throughout the maze with a large reward.

/warp Party Join in for the monthly drop party! Donations can be added to the chests outside the main room.

/warp casino Gamble your heart away!



There is a global online shop available can be found by typing /shop in the chat display. You can sell emeralds here to generate your own income and purchase a wide variety of items.

Flower Mall is under construction and can be found by typing /warp FlowerMall in the chat display. This is a player made mall that also sells specialty items no found in the online shop.

Aquatica is under construction and can be found by typing in /warp Aquatica in the chat display. This mall was made by Frothington and features the ability for players to build their own shops.



Spawn is where players start on Acid Mines Server after reviewing rules and gameplay options. Special and rare items are placed here during major events and holidays as well as free cookies and organic potatoes.10k1

Players can get to Spawn by typing /spawn in the chat display.