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PlukyTon is a town created by Acid Mines Moderator Pluky. Its made in a medieval village style. It has houses, a town hall, a chapel, a school, a pool and the main attraction being a Train Station with a bright red train.

It was described by Pluky as being like "The crappy town with no gym in a Pokemon game"

It is infamous for being the meeting place of the "PlukyTon Planning Committee," a society which strikes fear into the hearts of Mayor Pluky and all visitors. They have the power to change any design they wish in the Town. Their meeting place is in the PlukyTon Sewers.

Sewer System[]

The PlukyTon sewer system was created by Frothington and features a dingy design. His design included a locked door which featured some levers behind it. What do those levers do? Perhaps we will never know D:

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The sewer inhabitants included a Bunny by the name of Clive whom was cruelly cut cut in his prime, a nameless villager who's known as the Hobo "Edit - After extensive detective work the Hobo's name has been revealed as Horace", and a killer Rabbit, thankfully locked behind a sewer grate. "Edit - The killer Rabbit has moved on, no doubt due to the fact he's a deadbeat dad who doesn't want to pay child support for his many children who have now taken his place behind the sewer grate."

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