Acid Mines Wikia

Please check here or a full list of home and guardian commands.

Rank Permissions Commands
0 1 Guardian zone

Protection size 30x60x30

Virtual Chest size 9

/ac col [colour] - Change chat name colour (after book use)

/ams rtele - teleport to a random empty location

/ams time - View the server time and date

/books [title] - Get a book

/books list - View a list of available books

/buy - View & purchase a Donations Packages and more.

/cl - Chest Lock help

/cl v - Opens your Virtual Chest

/fish - Lists the players fishing progess

/g - Guardian protection zone help

/g block [x] [y] [z] - Get a g block to create a protected zone. For ranks 0 to 5: x=30, y=60, z=30.

/g own - Lists the protection zones owned by a player

/g [zone] allow [player] - Add a player to a protection zone

/g [zone] disallow [player] - Remove a player from a zone

/help - View a list of commands

/home - Teleport to your home

/jail [player] - View info on a prisoner

/jail history [player] - View criminal record of a player

/jail list - View current criminals

/mail compose [message] - Write an off-line message

/mail help - Help for off-line messaging system

/mail send [player] - Send an off-line message/

/map - View the dynamap/world map

/money - Lists the players money balance

/money top [page] - List the richest players

/motd - View message of the day

/msg [player] [message] - Send a private chat message

/pay [player] [amount]- Pay money to a player

/police - Call the police

/pvp - Toggle passive mode

/rank - View requirements to gain the next rank

/rank check - Rank up when requirements have been met

/rank quiz - Take a rank quiz

/sb mode [skill] - Scoreboard always shows the selected skill

/sb mode auto - Show skill for 5 seconds when xp is earned

/sb mode off - Don't show skills in the Scoreboard

/sb mode on - Show skill permanently when xp is earned

/sb off - Turn the scoreboard off

/sb on - Turn the scoreboard on

/sethome [name] - Set your home

/skills [skill] - View a particular skill level

/skills all - View all skill levels

/skills cleartask - Remove a Slayer task. Costs $1000.

/skills gettask - Get a new Slayer task

/skills time - View total in-game time played

/skills top [skill] [page] - List high scores for a particular skill

/skill top time [page] - List top players by time played

/skills task - View current Slayer task

/spawn - Teleport to spawn

/tame allow [player] - Gives access to ride all horses

/tame disallow [player] - Removes access to ride all horses

/tame give [player] - Gives away tamed animals

/th - Access the daily Treaure Hunt

/tpa [player] - Request to teleport to a player

/tpaaccept - Accept a teleport request

/tpadeny - Deny a teleport request

/tpahere [player] - Request to teleport a player to you

/rewards - check your rewards points

/rewards check [player] - View a players reward point level

/rewards shop - Access the Rewards Shop

/vote - Vote for the server

/vote check [player] - View a players vote level

/warp list - View a list of warps

/warp [name] - Warp to a location

1 /ac check [player] - Check a player's prefix, nick and suffix

/admin [message] - Send a message to all admin

/mod [message] - Send a message to all mods

2 2 Guardian zones

Chat in colour using &[number][message]

Virtual Chest size 18

/g [zone] farewell [message] - Set a farewell message

/g [zone] info - View info about a protection zone

/g [zone] toggle [damage type] - Toggle zone damage

/g [zone] toggle [option] - Toggle a protection zone flag

/g [zone] welcome [message] - Set a welcome message

/g tool - Get a guardian tool: helps locate zone boundaries

/g who - View who is in you current zone

3 2 Homes
4 3 Guardian zones
5 /giveto [player] - Give held item(s) to another player
6 Can chat with symbols
Virtual Chest size 27
3 Homes
4 Guardian
Protection size 40x70x40
/cl craft - Use a crafting table from anywhere
/cl enchant - Use an enchantment table from anywhere
/compass set - Make compasses point to your location
/compass reset - Make compasses point to spawn

/g - More Guardian toggles

/tame check - View the owner of a tamed animal/

9 5 Guardian zones
Protection size 50x80x50
4 Homes
Virtual chest size 36
10 Break mob spawners using silk touch
Place mob spawners
11 /g - more toggles
13 /tame collar [colour] - Set a wolf's collar colour
14 7 Guardian zones
Protection size 70x100x70
6 Homes
Virtual chest size 54
/cl ender - open your ender chest from anywhere
16 /ams painting [art] - Choose which painting to place

/fly - Toggle flying /g - More toggles

17 8 Guardian zones
Protection size 80x110x80
7 Homes
18 /acid jump - Create an acid jump stick

/jumpto - Jump to the block you are looking at

19 9 Guardian zones
Protection size 90x120x90
20 10 Guardian zones
Protection size 100x130x100
Unlimited homes
2 virtual chests - /cl v 2

2 Daily Treasure Hunt Keys

/ac nick [nickname] - Set your own nickname
/back - Teleport to your last death location

/setitemname [name] - Set the name of a held item

Ranks beyond 20 don't offer much. Only the ones that do are listed.
25 3 virtual chests - /cl v 3
30 4 virtual chests - /cl v 4

3 Daily Treasure Hunt Keys

35? 5 virtual chests - /cl v 5
40 4 Daily Treasure Hunt


Mod Open locked chests
Cannot be muted
Can access others' animals
/arrest [player] [hours] [reason] - Send a player to prison for a specified time and a specified reason.

/broadcast [message] - Broadcast a server message

/kick [player] [reason] - Kick a player

/lb t - Get a LogBlock tool to check block history

/mute [player] - Mute a player

/release [player] - Release a player from prison

/warp add [name] - Create a warp

/warp delete [name] - Delete a warp

Admin Inherits from all ranks

Remove locked chests

Harm tamed animals

See others' private messages

Build in any protected zone

Toggle any protected zone's features

Disallow owners from zones

Always see chat from chat zones

/ac suffix [suffix] - Set your own suffix

/acid crystal - Create a stick that makes Ender Crystals

/ams dragon - Spawn a dragon in the end

/ams head [player] - Spawn a head

/ams fw - Edit a fireworks rocket

/ascend - Ascend a level

/ban [player] [reason] - Ban a player

/cl view [player] - View a player's inventory

/descend - Descend a level

/egg cat [type] - Spawn a cat egg

/egg horse [type] - Spawn a horse egg

/egg wolf [colour] - Spawn a wolf egg

/g - More toggles

/g [zone] allowcmd [cmd] - Allow a command in a zone

/g [zone] disallowcmd [cmd] - Disallow a command in a zone

/gb biome [type] - Set biome type of selected area

/gm a - Switch to adventure mode

/gm c - Switch to creative mode

/gm s - Switch to survival mode

/spawn [player] - Send a player to spawn

/tame set [player] - Set the owner of an animal

/tame remove - Remove the owner of an animal

/thru - Move through a wall

/time [time] - Change the time

/tp [player] - Teleport to a player

/tphere [player] - Teleport a player to you

/unban [player] - Unban a player

/vanish - Turn invisible

/weather [set] - Change the weather