Acid Mines Wikia

Player Ranking System

Acid mines has implemented a detailed player ranking system to enhance the Minecraft experience.

Ranks are linked to a commands and permissions regime so that the higher the rank attained, the more complex the commands and permissions the player has access to. The numbers of ranks are theoretically unlimited but the general aim is to exceed level 20 after which point there is no significant change in commands and permissions. There also are three special ranks. Thus ranks in order of primacy are:

  1. Owner - Server Owner
  2. Admin - Server Admins
  3. Mod - Server Moderators
  4. Player - Ranks 1 and beyond

Players advance throughout the ranks by completing various combinations of tasks or rank requirements. These tasks include gaining Minecraft Achievements, reaching certain skill levels, time spent in-game, rank quizzes, obtaining certain objects and more.

A players rank can be seen as a circled number in the prefix of the players name in the chat display.