The Rewards Shop

Who doesn't like rewards right? Well in the rewards shop there are some very rewarding items indeed!

All a player need do is type /reward shop into the chat display and they will find themselves transported to this wondrous emporium of fabulous artifacts. Reward points are the currency here ... trade them for your item of choice. The shop essentially looks and runs along the lines of an inventory screen so you can mouse over items to see what they are or what they do. Of note is that several shops are actually combined here to make this more of a shopping mall of joy than a mere shop.

General Shop

Gems and Experience! Who doesn't need more?

  • Emeralds - 1 point each in single, nines or stack of 64.
  • Diamonds - 3 points each in single, nines or stack of 64.
  • Experience Bottles - 2 points each in single, nines or stack of 64.

Card Shop

To help satisfy the OCD in all of us ...

  • Card Storage Books - 10 points each and each holds 50 cards.
  • Card Booster Pack for a single random card - 7 points.

Special Items Shop

And special they are indeed! With price tags to match ... get voting!

  • Silver Coloured Name - 150 points.
  • Purple Coloured Name - 200 points.
  • Mini-Chests - 10 points.
  • Super Carrot - 180 points.
  • Super Saddle - 180 points.
  • New Slayer Task - 10 points.
  • Your Head - 6 points.
  • Double XP 24 Hrs Book - 150 points.

Heads Shop

Off with his head!! A veritable plethora of heads for your perusal costing somewhere between 2 and 6 points each depending on the head.

Enchantment Shop

This is the Enchanted Library of Acid Mines! Enchanted books of all kinds ranging from 10 to 20 points each depending on the enchantment.

Tools Shop

Every tradesman knows that there are tools and then there are real tools! No seriously . . . this is the hardware shop you've been looking for!

Jackhammer: A supercharged diamond shovel - Efficiency X and Unbreaking V - 40 points.

Chainsaw: The keenest diamond axe you'll ever own - Efficiency X and Unbreaking V - 50 points.

Drill: This is no mere diamond pickaxe - Efficiency X and Unbreaking V - 60 points.

Hedge Trimmer: A pair of enchanted mega shears - Silk Touch X and Unbreaking X - 15 points.

Not Enough Points?

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