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Seven Days, Seven Skills[]

This competition was indeed a test of player endurance and commitment. And players got to improve their most neglected and underdeveloped skills as well!

Players chose one skill to do each day and attempted to get the highest score in that skill for the 24 hour period. Once a player chose a skill for the day it was not possible to switch until the next day. There were 7 skills to compete in and 9 days to do so there was some flexibility to skip 2 days. The competition ran from midnight Friday 19th June 2015 until midnight Sunday 28th June 2015,

The competition skills were:

  • Mining: Mine the most blocks.
  • Farming: Farm the most crops.
  • Fishing: Catch the most fish.
  • Woodcutting: Cut the most wood.
  • Agility: Complete the most laps (any course).
  • Combat: Kill the most mobs.
  • Slayer: Complete the most slayer tasks.

Additional difficulty players were faced with were:

  • Mobs spawned from mob spawners and spawn eggs not being counted towards the combat and slayer skill scores.
  • Points gained with tools with Efficiency enchantments higher than V not being counted towards scores.

There were leaderboards for players to keep track of how they were faring compared to others however each player could compete in different skills on different days so there was no way to know who the winner was until the week's end.

The player who achieved the highest score for a skill was the winner of that skill. The winner of the entire competition was the player who won the most individual skills.


Prizes included a competition name prefix for the overall winner and steam games and a bunch of in-game items for the skill winners and runners-up. Additionally there were prizes for competing were given as well.

The steam games given away included:

  • 2x Scrolls (Mojang game, not on Steam)
  • 2x Super Meat Boy
  • 2x World of Goo
  • 1x LIMBO
  • 1x Dustforce DX
  • 4x Card City nights
  • 4x Talisman Digital Edition (each with the Gambler Pack and Martyr Pack) + Talisman Prologue

In-game prizes included:

  • Ultra rare Acid Cards
  • Treasure Keys
  • Rewards Points
  • XP Books

Some prizes were skill specific:

  • The winner of fishing was able to create their own fish.