Acid Mines Wikia


Several skills sets have been set up on the Acid Mines server to enhance the Minecraft experience by allowing the player to train in them. These skills are:

Agility - Completing the various Agility Training Courses

Combat - Killing Mobs

Fishing - Catching fish

Farming - Harvesting crops and animals

Infusion - Using an anvil and emeralds to repair and/or upgrade weapons, tools and armour.

Mining - Breaking blocks

Slayer - Completing Slayer Tasks

Woodcutting - Cutting wood

Total time played by each player is also tracked but is not considered a skill as such because it cannot be actively upgraded by the player.

Upgrading these skills is integral to rising through the player ranks on the Acid Mines server. These skills are upgraded through a theoretically unlimited number of levels based on experience gained using that particular skill. Experience points are rewarded to each skill as a player performs the various tasks required to progress through Minecraft. Of course this progress can be enhanced using skilling armour, sap caps, potions, enchantments and redstone techniques. Whenever a skill level increase occurs, a firework is released above the player's head and a notification is shown in the chat display.

Skills can be tracked via the scoreboard or by the commands listed in the next section.

Players earn special skill rewards for achieving Level 100 skills. That's no mean feat! Level 100 represents approximately 14.4 million experience points in skill.

It is rumored in the legend of drinking halls that god-like rewards await the player able to achieve level 150 in skill. And rightly so ... 150 is more than 2 billion experience points! Surely a deed that only a Minecraft Deity may someday achieve!!


To list all skills type: /skills all in the chat display.

To list a particular skill type: /skills <skillname> in the chat display.

To view total play time type: /skills time in the chat display.

To view the high scores for a skill type: /skills top <skillname> <pagenumber> in the chat display. For example: To see the top scores for Time Played type: /skills top time 1.