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Special Skills Rewards - Great Returns For Great Efforts![]

Players can earn special rewards for getting their skills to a super level. Reaching level 100 in a skill will make items particular to that skill unbreakable for that particular player. For example, reaching 100 Mining will mean that any pickaxe the player uses, whether it is wooden or diamond, will have infinite durability and not take any damage from use. Such objects can be enchanted as desired (with the exception of unbreaking) and kept forever. A very handy perk indeed!!

IMPORTANT: The Unbreaking enchantment must not be placed on the item you wish to be unbreakable.

NOTE: Items will still take damage if another player uses them but they will not take damage when the player uses them.

The items for each skill reward are:

Skill Reward Item
Level 100 Level 150
Agility Faster Walking Speed ?
Combat Swords of Infinite Durability ?
Farming Hoes and Spades of Infinite Durability ?
FIshing Fishing Rods of Infinite Durability ?
Mining Pickaxe of Infinite Durability ?
Slayer Armour of Infinite Durability ?
Woodcutting Axes of Infinite Durability ?