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Treasure Hunt[]

Are you feeling lucky today? Do you need a stoke of luck to liven things up? Treasure hunt is the Acid Mines answer to bringing a little luck your way.

Treasure hunt is in essence a lucky dip but as most players will confess it has come in very handy at times. Every player gets 1 treasure key per day (more specifically every 20 hours) which can then open treasure chests and receive a random item. Players of rank 20 to 29 receive 2 treasure hunt keys per day. Players of ranks 30 and above get an incredible 3 tresure hunt keys per day!!

Treasure Hunt prizes can range from high value items like gems and enchanted books, tools and armor through to basic items like sticks, apples and charcoal. There's a range of money prizes, rewards points, double experience books, skill Books and trading cards booster packs/books. You can even win more treasure hunt keys! It's all up to lady luck!!

To access the Treasure Hunt simply type /th in the chat display and then click on any chest to receive an item.

NOTE: Players only get the daily key when they type /th. A key will not be received if the player doesn't log in and use the command.

Treasure Hunt keys can be left unused to build up over time.

If a player would like to purchase extra treasure hunt keys, they are available in the donations store on the Acid Mines website.

Rare and Unique Treasure Hunt Prizes[]

Treasure Hunt prizes include some highly sought after rare and unique items. It is a very lucky day indeed when a player gains such an item!

Rare Items[]

Convert Books - There is a convert book for each skill. It will convert your bonus experience into real experience. For example: if a player has 50,000 points worth of bonus Combat experience and doesn't want to train to get it, the convert book will give the player that 50,000 experience points immediately.

To utilise a convert book, highlight it in your inventory and type /use in the chat display.

Sap Caps - There is a sap cap for each skill. While wearing a sap cap, one half any experience earned in any skill will be swapped to experience for the skill of the cap up to the cap's limit. For example: A player wearing an Agility Sap Cap that mines a block that would normally give 100 mining experience points will receive 50 Agility experience points instead. This will continue until the sap cap's experience limit is reached at which time it will break. There are several different experience limits for each type of sap cap.

Shiny Rod - This fishing rod quadruples the chance of catching an enchanted fish. That's right anglers . . . 4 times the normal chance!! It comes with Lure 4 enchantment and cannot have new enchantments added to it.

Skilling Armour - Suits of armour that give players a boost in gain experience in a skill

Super Rod - enchanted with lure 8 and unbreaking 5

Super Saddle -

Super Carrot & Stick -

Super Tools - including the Drill, Chainsaw, Jackhammer and Hedgetrimmer Tools on steroids (Pick, Axe, Shovel and Shears respectively).

Unique Items[]

Unique items are Treasure Hunt prizes that can only be won once. Thus once someone wins a unique item, it is removed from the Treasure Hunt and is no longer available.

Such items have included:

Discount code books for the donation store which can only be redeemed once.